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Katherine Baguio Scholarship Program Now in its Tenth Year

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of FANHS Sonoma's Katherine Baguio Scholarship program.  The program was created to promote and support continuing education among local youth, while honoring the memory of the late "Manang Kay" and her many contribution to the community.  Each year FANHS Sonoma awards a scholarship to a qualified college-bound student.   

Applications can be downloaded here.  To be considered, completed applications, with all required attachments, must be received by FANHS Sonoma no later than Friday, May 3, 2019. For more information contact Karen Mejia Pennrich at

Scholarship Endowment Fund Planned

FANHS Sonoma is working to expand its annual scholarship program by creating a permanent scholarship endowment, which will ensure the chapter’s ability to promote education through scholarship awards well into the future. Raising the $25,000 minimum amount required is the first, and most challenging task at hand; but, thanks to generous donations from members and patrons of our annual October events, we have already raised two thirds of that amount. Our next major fundraiser will be held Saturday, October 14. Entitled Kulturang Pilipino, the event will feature an afternoon of cultural performing arts and traditional Filipino cuisine.

Post 1965 Filipino American History

Our Golden Opportunity event held on October 20, 2018, was dedicated to sharing the history of Filipinos that came to live in Sonoma County during the Post 1965 era.  This particular group of immigrants became a visible force in the Filipino Community as the older manong generation began to fade away.  Today, the majority of young Filipino-Americans are the offspring of Post 1965 immigrants.   It is important that their history is recorded and shared.

Anyone interested in volunteering to research, guide and support such a project should contact


Singgalot, Ties that Bind Exhibit

In the winter of 2011-12, FANHS Sonoma and the Sonoma County Museum came together to co-sponsor Singgalot, Ties that Bind, a cultural exhibit making its way across the U.S. The exhibit opened on November 11 with a gala reception featuring live Kulintang music, dance, and food of the Philippines. As part of the exhibit, a screening of our chapter’s documentary film, Remembering Our Manongs, Sonoma County’s Filipino History, was presented along with a subsequent panel discussion. A closing ceremony, held in February 2012, was followed by the Bay Area FANHS Consortium holiday party which also took place in the historic museum facility.

Documentary Film

Our two-year effort to produce the documentary film entitled Remembering Our Manongs (Elders), Sonoma County’s Filipino History, culminated in November of 2008 with three public screenings. The hour-long film traces the history and experiences of the first major wave of Filipino immigrants to settle in Sonoma County in the 1920s-1950’s. Recounting their stories through memories of surviving descendants and friends, the film also reflects the broader history of Sonoma County during that period. Each screening event included the film, a 10-minute pictorial montage honoring the original settlers, and a panel discussion about social, cultural, and educational issues relating to the Filipino-American experience. About 500 people attended.

Both the documentary and montage are now available on DVD. Order your copy here.