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Sneak a peek at our documentary film. Find out how to order your copy of the full-length DVD.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Come celebrate Filipino American History Month with FANHS Sonoma as we commemorate two distinct and dynamic waves of Filipino immigrants who left their homeland to build a better life in Sonoma County. Read more...

Scholarship Fund

FANHS Sonoma is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2018 Katherine Baguio Scholarship is Angelica Baguio, a 2018 graduate of Suffern High School in New York, and granddaughter of local community member Robert Baguio. Passionate about applying her creative skills to “effectively impact the world,” Angelica is studying Music and Sound Recording at the University of New Haven in Connecticut.

Message from the President


Hello and Happy New Year! It is my honor to welcome you to our website. This New Year brings revitalization to our Chapter.  I say this because we have new board members with many years of experience working in the community along with returning members with renewed energy and years of experience on the board, and we are in the process of developing new exciting projects

A project we have been working on in collaboration with the Museum of Sonoma County is an exhibition entitled Pacific World: The History That Binds Us to the Sea. From ancient voyagers who spread throughout a watery world, to the Spanish treasure ships known as Manila Galleons, to the nineteenth century traders who plied the coast from Sonoma County to Peru, it is a world unto itself.

Explore the Great Ocean from a different perspective in Pacific World - a perspective where California is the eastern edge of the Pacific as often as it is the more familiar symbol of the American west. The exhibition is scheduled for February 26 through June 2, 2019. Please join us at the opening reception on March 1 as we celebrate and honor the exhibition and its incredible contents.

The exhibition will feature:

    • A 23-foot long Bangka built by Bangka Journey over the past several years. The Bangka is a traditional canoe of the Philippines that represents re-vitalization of indigenous traditions.
    • Images and stories of the Ti-aat, the sister canoe to the Bangka. The Ti’aat is a sewn plank canoe constructed by boat builders led by L Frank Manriquez.
    • Cargo of the Manila Galleons, a collection of 16th century Ming porcelain traded across the Pacific.
    • The Chewang chi Biyeg (River of Life in Kalinga language) tapestry. The tapestry illustrates the indigenous Kalinga people’s victorious struggle against planned dam projects on the Chico River in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines.
    • A collection of antique maps of Asia and the Pacific, objects from nineteenth century shipwrecks including the Frolic and the Lammermoor.
    • The legacy of Filipinos, Native Californians, Pacific Islanders and others whose deep and many-layered histories represent vibrant relationships with the Pacific World – past and present.

There will be other events in conjunction with the exhibition, more information to follow. General admission applies. On behalf of the board, we wish you continued health, abundance and prosperity in the New Year!